About Us

Grandpa Zoet helping with construction of first coop in 1974

Located in Southwest Michigan where Hamilton and Holland meet, DeWeerdt Poultry is built on a family commitment to sustainable farming that starts and ends with the ground.

Every year, we invest in planting and harvesting corn and soybeans that will in turn provide our chickens with nutrient-rich feed. Eggs are gathered, cleaned, inspected and processed daily in a way that ensures a quality product is distributed and enjoyed. We also continue the sustainable process by marketing a superior manure waste product that can be utilized by local farms for fertilizer.



Grandpa DeWeerdt Helping to Pack Eggs 1991
Grandpa DeWeerdt Helping to Pack Eggs 1991


As a fully integrated business, DeWeerdt Poultry Farm owns and carefully manages all aspects of egg production and processing, including:

  • Growing grains for our own feed
  • Providing attentive care for laying hens
  • Automated egg production and processing
  • Inventory control and timely direct store delivery
  • Producing and distributing dried fertilizer products


DeWeerdt 3 Generations 2010
DeWeerdt 3 Generations 2010
Soybean Harvest 2000